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    Know Yourself Online:
    Discover your true nature 

    Alex Carberry the author of Know Yourself, will take your through a journey of self discovery in 25 hours of self paced intuitive jargon free online learning

    Discover Your Genius

    Why work against yourself when you can work with your natural genius?
    If you have:
    • Struggled to understand your own motivations?
    • Struggled to grasp why others do what they do?
    • Wondered what your true natural strengths are?
    • Struggled with negative thoughts and attitudes?
    • Struggled to fit in and wondered why?
    • Felt trapped by others' opinions of you?
    These workshops help you grasp why and teach you how to work with yourself in a manner that isn’t doomed to failure. And it is shockingly simple!
    Using an ancient timeless method of self discovery, that focuses on mastering how to observe and work effectively with ourselves and others in a manner that is easy to grasp, elegant in its simplicity yet powerful enough to impress modern psychologists.

    Alex Carberry will share this method of self knowledge, for self-fulfilment, harmonious relationships and success. The Know Yourself Method gives a simple timeless framework for self-discovery, which is built upon ancient time-tested knowledge. These workshops provide a forum for discussion and experience sharing on the journey to discover your natural genius, learning how to effectively use your individuality and strengths, in 5 relaxed workshops. These 5 workshops take you on an intuitive journey into the freedom of your individual natural patterns. 

    Share in groups

    15 to 20 people, per group, allows the sharing of varied experiences

    Hone your skills

    Learn the tools which Alex has developed to read yourself & others

    Intense but fun

    Described as intense, relaxed & insightful but fun

    Discover your genius

    Discover you genius and identify
    the genius of others

    Navigate your relationships

    Navigate your relationships
    with this knowledge

    Discover natural freedom

    Discover the intuitive freedom
    of your individual natural patterns. 

    Seasonal Online Workshops

    This online course takes you along a journey of self discovery & empowers you to recognise the patterns of others. You will learn to explore your psychological constitution, which is also the basis of your physical make up, which you use for natural healing. This course is taught by videos lectures, quizes, online resources and practical tutorials to ensure that you really grasp this material in the context of your life. You learn to read body language, natural motivations, understand relationship challenges and use your natural genius to work with yourself and others for better, empowering and more harmonious results.
    • Simple but profound
    • Understand your own underlying motivations, patterns and reflexes
    • Active exercises
    • Improve relationships
    • Learn to read people
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    Alex Carberry BSc.

    Your instructor
    Alex Carberry grew up in Guyana, South America, where he developed an early interest in herbalism. He lives in Burton-upon-Trent, United Kingdom, and has studied herbal traditions worldwide. He has a BSc in Medical Herbalism and is an authority on biotypes and personality types. Alex has written the popular Know Yourself series which explores Greek and Sufic Biotypes. He has run herbal medicine clinics for over a decade.
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