Learn to heal, achieve balance & stay healthy naturally

In a world that forces you to fit into a mould, learn to find your true self, free your natural genius and find your natural way of healing, with the Medical Herbalist, Alex Carberry, the author of the Know Yourself book series . Benefit from this ancient time tested wisdom of personality-types, biotypes and health. 

Understand Your Deep Motivations
Discover Your Natural Strengths
Don't be trapped by the opinions of others
Discover your natural genius
'When the student is ready, the teacher arrives'

From the moment a friend shared a post by Alex two years ago, I knew this was the mentor and teacher I needed and wanted to learn from. I have never known anyone to compassionately hold space for you in the way that Alex does. He understands people extremely well and I am in awe how much, at times, he knows me more than I know myself. There is recognition of my natural genius. It's been a fascinating journey and nothing in my life has come close to understanding myself in the depth that I do now.
Salma Mehboob
Giggles. That's the first gift I received from Know Yourself. But contained in Alex's humour is a deep wisdom, an understanding of life pointing towards acceptance of how and what we are and how each of us carries within themselves unique gifts, challenges and character traits that, if never truly understood, leave us in a constant battle with our everyday reality. Alex helps us balance this, so openness is required on the journey, and to not take oneself too seriously. The uncanny precision with which he describes each of us left me with deep reflection and many, lighthearted and wisdom filled, giggles. And who doesn't need those?
Tijana Šarac
Alex focuses upon your self discovery and doesn't rob of discovering yourself by yourself. This takes some getting used to, but once you've gotten into the habit you never really look back. Thank you!
Raphael Desantos

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How does Know Yourself - 5 Workshop Series help with wellness and health?

This course combines core concepts and practical tools with peer exchange, real-life exercises, peer accountability, and group coaching.
Small groups of peers provide the support you need to apply your learnings and change your life. 
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